The Club

Spread over 3 floors, Aqua boasts of one of the most sophisticated and unique club concepts, providing an array of extraordinary party facilities and settings for the most cultured party animals.

General Information

Open from 11:00am until 2:00am


  • Six 2-story luxury island cabanas
  • VIP tables and sunbeds
  • 300m2 negative edge swimming pool
  • Cocktail bar
  • Daily DJ or musical performances
  • Heated Jacuzzi with submerged bar seating
  • Drinking games
  • Sishas
  • Complete changing room and locker facilities
  • Aqua Sky Deck
    • A sky deck with a 360-degree unobstructed view, the Aqua Sky Bar is the perfect venue to enjoy the sunset and skyline or simply sunbathe while enjoying a drink.

General Admissions

Male : Minimum beverage consumption of Php 500 with free use of tower, robe, locker, and pool.

Female: FREE with free use of towel, robe, locker, and pool

Checked-in Hotel Guests: FREE ADMISSION

Club Policies

  • Those under 18 years old are strictly prohibited.
  • The Aqua Beach Club provides secure lockers and takes no responsibility for lost items.  If an item is lost, the guest can check Lost and Found to see if it has been turned in.
  • No pets, firearms, weapons, and illegal drugs allowed.  Guests will be denied entry with these items, evicted if found, and police alerted to the extent the action is against the laws of the Philippines.
  • The Aqua Beach Club is a pool club therefore guests are responsible for their safety.  Guests deemed to be highly intoxicated or exhibiting unsafe behavior can be ejected from the club.  Aqua is not responsible for any injury sustained.
  • Appropriate dress is required.  Nudity and bald behavior are not allowed.  Aqua reserves the right to evict any guest who exhibits continued inappropriate attire or behavior.
  • Guests are responsible for the actions of their invitees. If an invitee breaks the rules or damages any Aqua Beach Club property and/or asset, guest is fully-accountable.
  • Food and beverage NOT purchased in Aqua Beach Club are not allowed in the premises.

Reservation Policies

  • To reserve a cabana, sofa, or table, guest must provide a deposit in the form of cash, credit card, or room charge (for hotel guests only).
  • Guest must receive a confirmation voucher or receipt in the form of a hard copy, SMS, or email. Failure to receive confirmation is tantamount to a non-guaranteed reservation.
  • It is the guest’s responsibility to arrive after 11:00AM and before 3:00PM for daytime reservations and after 9:00PM and before 10:00PM for nighttime reservations. Failure to do so gives management the right to release the reservation and the reserved seating be offered to the next available guest.
  • Guests who are not using the reserved seats or have decided to vacate the reserved seating earlier than the expected timeslot, forfeits the guests’ rights to the seats. Management reserves the right to allocate seating based on attendance and is not required to provide one based solely on individual guest spending.
  • Deposit is refundable if booking is cancelled 3 days prior to the scheduled reservation date.
  • In case of late cancellation (less than 3 days prior to arrival), failure to show up, or late arrival, the deposit will be forfeited and the reservation will be lost.
  • Special requests and set-ups (such as cakes, balloons, party platters, and the like) should be advised with 24-hour lead time at the least.
  • Non-hotel guests are required to secure a deposit for special requests at least 24 hours prior to attendance.

Hotel Guests & VIPs

  • ABC Hotel guests are free to access Aqua Beach Club.
  • Before entering the club, ABC Hotel guests should present their room keycard at Aqua’s reception.
  • Total invoice can be settled at Aqua’s reception or transferred to room charges.