Aqua Sky Deck Private Functions

The best party venue and everything that you may need is here at the Aqua Sky Deck! Be it for birthdays, stag party, anniversary or Corporate get together, we can make it extraordinary!

Featuring our 250sqm Sky Deck with 360-degree view of the city, serving a la carte drink packages, snack and dinner menus, audiovisual needs, and performers for additional entertainment, accompanied by a world-class service and hospitality.

We will do it the way you want it!

Function Inclusion


Talents and Performers

[span class="table-blue"]E-Percussionist - Php 6,500 Advance notice required[/span] [span class="table-gray"]Trumpetist - Php 6,500 Advance notice required[/span] [span class="table-blue"]Saxophonist - Php 6,500 Advance notice required[/span] [span class="table-gray"]Guitarist - Php 6,500 Advance notice required[/span] [span class="table-blue"]Violinist - Php 6,500 Advance notice required[/span] [span class="table-gray"]Aqua House DJ - Php 6,500 Advance notice required[/span] [span class="table-blue"]Ledge Dancer - Php 6,500 Advance notice required[/span] [span class="table-gray"]Cosplayer - Php 2,000 Advance notice required[/span] [span class="table-blue"]Juggler - Php 5,000 Advance notice required[/span] [span class="table-gray"]Guest DJ To be quoted [/span] [span class="table-blue"]Photographer - Php 6,000 Produces unedited electronic file[/span]


  • All talents are based on availability.
  • Rates are for first 3 hours comprised of sets. Additional Php1000 applies per succeeding hour.
  • Plus additional expenses for costume, make-up, food, and refreshments. Might also need a dressing room, depending on number of pax.
  • Manila talents may require overnight accommodation and transportation which is not included on the rates
  • Most talents are NOT Aqua employees, hence, rates are not guaranteed particularly during peak season.


[span class="table-gray"]2 Speakers, Mixer, and 2 Wireless Mics - Php 4,000[/span] [span class="table-blue"]DJ controller and Mixing Deck* - Php 15,000 DJ Equipment requires hiring our in House DJ to supervise equipment, whether he plays or not[/span] [span class="table-gray"]Wireless Instrument Microphone - Php 2,000[/span] [span class="table-blue"]DJ Booth Set-Up - Php 3,000[/span] [span class="table-gray"]Fire Pit - Php 1,000[/span] [span class="table-blue"]Balloon Package - Php 1,000[/span] [span class="table-gray"]6' Tables - Php 500[/span] [span class="table-blue"]TV or Projector Package - Php 2,000[/span] [span class="table-gray"]Flares - Php 2,500[/span] [span class="table-blue"]Spinning Wheel - Php 2,000 Personalized if required[/span] [span class="table-gray"]Smoke Machine - Php 2,000[/span] [span class="table-blue"]Reserved Parking - Php 250 Each Car[/span] [span class="table-gray"]Table Flower Bouquet To be quoted[/span] * Standard Sound Package is our music being played on the Pool Deck.


  • Some items require 10 days or more lead time for permits, approvals, or engagement contracts.
  • Function organizers may decide to use their own services, equipments, and/or talent, thus, space and compatibility issues should be clarified and agreed between Aqua, the function organizer, and the service provider before engaging the service.
  • Any food and beverage NOT purchased in Aqua is strictly prohibited with the exemption of event cakes and wrapped gifts for birthday events. To seek exception, please speak with the Aqua Management prior to confirming event.


[span class="table-gray"]Plush Monkey - Php 1000[/span][span class="table-blue"]Fitflop (M) - Php 700[/span] [span class="table-gray"]Fitflop (XL) - Php 700[/span] [span class="table-blue"]Beach Bag - Php 600 Plain White[/span] [span class="table-gray"]Beach Bag - Php 700 Blue[/span] [span class="table-blue"]White Cap - Php 400[/span] [span class="table-gray"]Black Cap - Php 400[/span] [span class="table-blue"]Women's Polo Shirt - Php 600[/span] [span class="table-gray"]Men's Polo Shirt - Php 600[/span] [span class="table-blue"]Coffee Mug - Php 300[/span] [span class="table-gray"]Copper Beer Mug each - Php 800[/span] [span class="table-blue"]Copper Beer Mug set of 6 - Php 3600[/span]

Our Sample Set-Up


Please contact us at and start planning the best party you'll ever have!


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